AI Will Finally Make Automation Work for Lenders

AI Will Finally Make Automation Work for Lenders

Traditional mortgage technology has reached its limit in terms of reducing the friction in the loan origination and closing processes. There just doesn’t seem to be a way to take more humans out of this work. Or at least there didn’t seem to be, until now.

Mortgage Automation Problem

The rise of AI has changed all of that.

As a company leading the no-code automation revolution, we have front row seats to see the way the title and mortgage ecosystem is changing. Today, we can easily and reliably extract data from complex documents and integrate data with existing tools and workflows, without requiring human assistance.

We just published a new White Paper, entitled, “Finally, a Solution to the Mortgage Automation Problem,” in which we show how AI is finally simplifying the mortgage business enough to make current technologies effective at reaching lender goals.

Finally a solution for the mortgage automation problem

We know good technology exists in the industry today. The problem is that we are working in a very complex business. This complexity has made it impossible for any technology platform to completely replace humans.

That’s costing lenders too much today in every department. But our CEO Argun Kilic shows us the way out of this problem:

“Fortunately, new AI-powered technologies are allowing lenders to complete their work without having to maintain today’s high staffing levels. Even better, these new tools work with the legacy technologies that lenders have already purchased, protecting them from loss on sunk technology costs.”

In fact, the tools AREAL has been delivering are saving lenders and title companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. The key, according to Kilic and the new paper you can download now, is that any new technology must be capable of delivering in four specific areas:

  • Smart task automation
  • Built-in data authentication
  • High processing speed
  • A flexible API-based architecture

Anything less than this will not be capable of removing human staff from the process and will kill any efficiency the lender hoped to see.

To see how these four elements work together to finally solve the automation problem in our industry, download the paper from our website today.

Then, reach out to Bill Hajjar to schedule a demo and see it for yourself.

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