Seeing is Believing When it Comes to AI

Seeing is Believing When it Comes to AI

When we launched as a no-code automation platform for the title and mortgage ecosystem, we were well received because no-code was already a thing that most technology executives in our industry were already familiar with.

AREAL's Automated Closing Disclosure Balancer

Despite the near continuous coverage of all things AI, the same cannot be said of Artificial Intelligence, at least not here in the mortgage industry.This has led some to wonder if our ability to reliably extract data from complex documents and integrate that data with existing tools and workflows to be some kind of magic.

It’s not magic. And we’re going to prove it.

Coming up on Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 1pm Eastern time/10am Pacific, will offer a webinar that demonstrates the true power of our AI solutions and explains the return on investment that both lenders and title agents will enjoy from adopting them. The webinar is free, but pre-registration is required.

We think this is important for a number of reasons. As our CEO, Argun Kilic said in a recent release about the webinar:

“Anytime a new technology emerges, people will make all kinds of claims about its capabilities. This is what the industry has seen with AI. Most of the products on offer today are not true AI and so it's natural for lenders and title agents to be skeptical. We have spent the time and money to create true solutions with these new technologies and we think the industry deserves to see them work before they invest. Our webinar this month will show them how it works so the return on these investments will be crystal clear.”

Actually, lenders and title agents won’t actually have to make the investment in creating or training the AI models they need to become more efficient. We’ve already made that investment. We just feel the industry’s executives deserve to see the new tools in action so they can measure for themselves the impact AI can have on their businesses.

Because so many of the people we’ve been visiting with are using technology from ICE, including the Encompass LOS, and many title agents are accepting information from that LOS to prepare for closings, a good portion of the webinar will focus on the tight integration we provide between our offerings and the Encompass LOS.

If you’ve been following us for some time now, you know that’s AI-powered products save hundreds of thousands of dollars for our customers each month. Our Rapid Order solution allows users to produce a title and escrow order within seconds. Our Closing Package Reviewer solution gives mortgage processors and title agents the ability to automatically verify the completeness of all buyer, seller, lender and notary documents within large documents and ensure that all documents are properly collected and executed. CD Balancer is our innovative TRID collaboration tool.

“The solutions we offer do not require anyone to replace a core system or overhaul an existing workflow,” said Head of Sales Bill Hajjar. “Our AI-powered solutions simply step in to take over the work previously assigned to less efficient and much more costly human workers, who can then be retasked in a way that adds more value to the enterprise and those it serves. When the industry sees the impact these solutions can have and the reality of this opportunity, we expect AI adoption to skyrocket.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to see for yourself how these tools are making a difference for more lenders and title agents. The webinar is absolutely free, but you must register in advance. We hope to see you on the 16th.

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