See the Team at MBA Annual Philly Event

See the Team at MBA Annual Philly Event

There is no question about the fact that the annual convention of the Mortgage Bankers Association is the premier mortgage event each year. Thousands of people generally attend this important show and this year the team from will be among those to come out for the event. Team at MBA Annual 23

As you know, we’re the developers of the leading no-code automation platform for mortgage and title workflows. Our solutions are currently saving lenders and title companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

If you’re heading out to Philly this year for MBA Annual, drop by the booth on the exhibit hall floor and catch up with Head of Sales Bill Hajjar and Product Manager Noah Cosentino. They’ll both be on hand to demonstrate our transformative solutions and explaining how intelligent automation can drive efficiency, improve customer experiences, and uncover new revenue opportunities for lenders.

This has never been more important. As our CEO Argun Kilic put it when he announced the team would be attending this year:

“In a market like the one lenders are competing in today, cutting costs has never been more important. We can help with that. I’m very excited to be attending this important show and discussing our AI-powered solutions with lenders. We are empowering the industry to know that every document they receive is what they expect and then to process it efficiently and accurately.”

With a reputation for delivering valuable insights, networking opportunities, and access to the latest industry trends and innovations, the MBA’s annual conference serves as a crucial platform for professionals at all levels of their careers. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned expert, MBA's Annual Convention & Expo offers a dynamic environment to connect, learn, and thrive in the single-family real estate finance sector.

This will be the first time the MBA’s Annual Convention & Expo will be held in Philadelphia. As the MBA pointed out on its conference website, Philly is the birthplace of our country. 

It’s a city of change, resilience, and independence. “It is an American original — and the perfect host to the original annual gathering of real estate finance professionals,” MBA said. We couldn’t agree more.

Change is exactly what our customers have been asking for. The days of spending too much money getting data from mortgage documents into the industry’s processing systems are over. No one can afford it anymore. Lenders and title companies both are in a desperate search for savings, which is exactly what we deliver.

"The savings we have generated for lenders is now a matter of public record and it amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars each month,” said Head of Sales Bill Hajjar. "Our software has processed millions of pages and proved its value over and over again. Our new offerings will add even more value to the industry. I can’t wait to show them to attendees of this show.”

If you’re planning on heading out to Philly for this year’s MBA Annual Convention, be sure to drop by the booth at the show and get a closer look at the technology that is delivering efficiency and cost savings to your peers today.

We have a special landing page set up for you to schedule meetings at the show, but you are free to reach out to us anytime. See you in Philly!

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