Press Release - Sends Executive Team to ALTA One Show

Press Release - Sends Executive Team to ALTA One Show, announced today that two of the company’s top executives would be attending the upcoming ALTA Annual Convention. The company is a show sponsor and CEO Argun Kilic and Head of Sales Bill Hajjar will both be attending the show in San Diego.

Alta One 2022

With a new white paper demonstrating a path to profitability to title agents, company executives are looking forward to some interesting conversations.

LOS ANGELES — September 2022

“The American Land Title Association is known for providing great events for title executives and this year’s annual convention promises to be an important show,” Kilic said. “Many title company owners are suffering as their profits fall in response to falling home sales and mortgage loan volume. It’s time to reconfigure the title agency for profit and that’s something we know a great deal about. We look forward to meeting with attendees at this event.” made news recently when it published a paper showing why title insurance companies must reconfigure their companies now.

“Title companies cannot count on their primary technology vendors to provide a solution that will help them become more efficient during a downturn,” Kilic said when the paper was released. “Without incremental technology, agencies will see their profits erode.”

That’s exactly what has been happening, but Kilic says it’s not necessary. The new paper explains exactly what tools a title company would need to weather this part of the cycle profitably, which the company expects to fuel many interesting conversations at the upcoming show.’s Rapid Order solution allows users to produce a title and escrow order within seconds. AREAL's Rapid Settlement for Escrow Documents solution gives title and escrow agents the ability to automatically verify the completeness of all buyer, seller, lender and notary documents within large documents and ensure that all documents are properly collected and executed. These features are now built into most of the top modern title industry transaction management systems, including RamQuest.

The turnkey solution includes industry specific document understanding for over 1,300 document types, data extraction and workflow features that enables businesses in the title and lending verticals to eliminate the need for manual document processing, accelerate their response times and exponentially scale their business capacity.

“Our software has processed millions of pages and has achieved ALTA’s endorsement as a customer,” said Hajjar. “If you’re ready to make more money without the pain that comes with switching your core technology solution, we’re looking forward to meeting you in San Diego.”

To schedule a meeting at the show, reach out to Bill Hajjar at Find at the upcoming show in Booth #22 on the Southpointe Lawn.

About is a no-code automation platform for the title and mortgage ecosystem that makes it easy to reliably extract data from complex documents and integrate data with existing tools and workflows. Its goal is to provide end to end document automation and integration in order to save clients resources, time and money as they work through the filing process. has been serving clients nationwide since 2020. Its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. Contact the team via email.

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