Looking for new solutions in new places

Looking for new solutions in new places

Every title agency executive knows the market is shifting. What they don’t know is where to find the efficiencies it will take to be successful in the new environment. Title company automation is a mature technology offering and it has been in existence for at least the last two industry downturns.

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What’s different are the new tools that are providing incremental automation within the title company’s existing systems.

That concept: incremental automation is important because it’s a new concept that hasn’t been built into our platforms in the past. Technology developers have tried to pack in as much functionality as possible to maximize their customer’s investment in their tools and their own share of the customer’s wallet.

But the large title transaction management platforms in use in the industry today have fallen short. Companies in this space can no longer count on their primary technology vendor to provide a solution that will help them become more efficient during a downturn.

For that they must look to specialists who have uncovered opportunities hiding in the friction-filled spaces between automated functions and provided the tools that unlock more efficient operations. They have opened the door for incremental automation that can render these expensive platforms more profitable for users.

These new tools and techniques are allowing title company executives to deal with lower volumes and still maintain profitability.

If you’re working to ensure continued profitability and looking for a way to reduce friction, add efficiency, save time and money and improve overall customer satisfaction, you need to learn more. Call us today to schedule a demo at a time and of a duration that fits your schedule. To find out more about why we built this solution, Download our White Paper.

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