3 Reasons Areal.ai is Leaning into Conferences

3 Reasons Areal.ai is Leaning into Conferences

Business conferences and trade shows are excellent opportunities to sit down with existing customers, explore the needs of prospects and learn from some of the leading experts in the industry. Those benefits are threatened during industry downturns when conference attendance drops.

Digital Mortgage 2023

We’re in one of those periods now and many of the industry’s conferences have suffered over the past year and some future shows have been discontinued.

Despite this, we have sent a team out to Digital Mortgage 2023 and are looking forward to a good show. There are three reasons why we are leaning into the fall conferences this year.

There are still benefits in face-to-face networking events

Well-attended trade shows and business events are great opportunities for growing your business, but even small shows offer you benefits. Here are three that we expect to get from every show we attend this fall.

1. The chance to meet new partners

One complaint we hear quite often from other technology providers and industry vendors is that there aren’t enough lenders in the audience. One of the reasons we attend these shows is to meet with the people we serve. But other attendees offer benefits, too.

New partners can make attending a show worthwhile. We’ve been releasing news about new integrations and partnerships and we have more news coming out the week of Digital Mortgage. But there is a chance that we will meet someone new at this show, someone who has developed some good technology that could be great with the addition of ours.

2. The opportunity to interact with folks who aren’t at the show

Many industry executives who would normally attend the fall conferences can’t do so when volumes are low and their budgets get cut. But we’ll have our sales team all in the same place and ready to take their telephone or video calls. A prospect doesn’t have to be standing in front of our booth to get a taste of what our technology can offer them. 

The additional benefit to the prospect who calls into the team while there on the exhibit hall floor is they can get an idea of what’s going on at the show.

3. Even small conferences can attract great speakers

Many sales organizations skip the conference sessions in favor of sitting down with prospects. This makes sense. But if the opportunity exists to sit in on some sessions and learn from other industry leaders, we always take advantage of it.

The return on your conference investment

The bottom line is that every conference costs money to attend and you can’t continue to spend marketing dollars if there is no return on that investment.

But when you have technology like ours, where the first problem we solve for the lender or title agent is only the first of many we’ll end up solving for them, every new relationship has the potential to grow into one of our favorite clients, you’ll take every opportunity to put it in front of the industry.

If you’re making the trip out to Digital Mortgage 2023, find us on the exhibit hall floor and see what a difference we’re making for the lenders and title agents we’re serving. Our Head of Sales, Bill Hajjar, and our Product Manager, Noah Cosentino, will both be at the show.

We hope to see you there.

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